About Us....... yes, it seems it has been about us. Since the beginning God has called out to His creation and since the beginning we often remain deaf to His efforts. He never gave up on us.... He never stopped loving us....He is calling right now. Our lives are never the same once we simply quiet ourselves in humble prayer listening for His voice and seeking that touch of God.

Mighty Miracles is about hearing that call and going out to help others one on one. Sharing what God has done with us and through us so others can hear. Everyone can make a difference in anothers' life if they simply choose to see the faith already inside waiting to be revived.

Mighty Miracles is a human services project designed to help God's children meet their full potential. Inspired by the Love of God, we reach out and extend a hand to those in need. God has blessed each of us with special natural and spiritual gifts. Releasing and utilizing those gifts to bring out the best in God's children is the foundation of Mighty Miracles. Each person who supports this project becomes part of the positive change in the life of someone in desperate need.

We need your help so the river of light can flow in the lives around us. If the Lord has touched your heart to reach out and share your gifts in a world thirsting for faith, hope and love, we encourage you to call or write Mighty Miracles.